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 Wolfy Millington
[[File:Wolfy Millington|250px|center]]
Died: Wolfy Millington
Hometown: Bolton, Greater Manchester
Occupation: Student
Big Brother 14
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 30
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 11

Ainsley "Wolfy" Millington is a housemate from Big Brother 14.


Wolfy is a practising Shaman, "connecting with earth through love and harmony". She describes shamanism as connecting with Mother Earth and the inner animal. She is often asked to perform aura cleansing and past life recall, which she is happy to do for free.

In addition to being a Shaman, Wolfy is a qualified mackerel fisherwoman. She has "a passion for fishing which borders on the erotic" and has a tattoo of the first mackerel she ever caught. She can spend up to six hours a day standing on the end of the pier with her rod.

Wolfy would miss pens and paper the most, as she loves to draw. Instead she says she will go out into the garden and make crop circles in the grass. Wolfy believes her role in the House initially will be as a mother figure

Her best personality trait is being funny and she thinks she is good at "funny insult comedy". She thinks she makes people laugh. But her worst personality trait is being too loud and saying awkward things that she expects people to laugh at and they don’t.

She says that every job she has done in the past has been "crap", including working in a call centre selling healthcare to the elderly and as a painter and decorator. Her dream job would be as a tattoo artist.

She lives with her girlfriend of four years, who she describes as the love of her life, but isn't close to her family. Wolfy is honest about having a game plan and says she's "in it to win it".

Big Brother 14[]

On Day 19, housemates nominated face-to-face during a live broadcast; after receiving two nominations from her fellow housemates, Wolfy faced the public vote. On Day 23, it was revealed that Wolfy would not be "fake evicted" from the House, as she and Dan had received the least amount of votes from the public. On Day 25, after receiving eight nominations from her fellow housemates, Wolfy was nominated for eviction. On Day 30, she was evicted from the House.

Nominations History[]

Wolfy's Nominations History
Week Wolfy's
Nominations Against
1 Not
2 Dexter,
3 Dexter,
Charlie, Dan
4 Charlie,
Callum, Charlie, Daley, Dan,
Hazel, Jack & Joe, Jackie, Sam
Evicted, Day 30

Post-Big Brother[]



  • At the age of 20, Wolfy was the second youngest female Big Brother 14 housemate.
  • In Week 2 of Big Brother 14, Wolfy was the only female housemate to receive a nomination and not face the public vote.