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 Vanessa McIntosh
[[File:Vanessa McIntosh|250px|center]]
Born: 1985
Hometown: Croydon, London
Occupation: Student
Big Brother 6
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 50
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 13

Vanessa Dominique Layton-McIntosh is a housemate from Big Brother 6.


Bisexual business student Vanessa, 19, claims to be able to turn any gay man straight and describes herself as 'spontaneous, spoilt and selfish'. She worked as a table dancer in Greece last year and is a self-confessed 'cookie monster' who can't go a single day without eating chocolate or sweets.

Film: Finding Nemo
TV Show: The Simple Life
Book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Food: Chicken

Quote: "I want to find out what people think of me."

Big Brother 6[]

On Day 12, it was revealed to the House that all housemates would face the public vote as a result of one housemate breaking the rules regarding the discussion of nominations; this housemate was Vanessa. On Day 15, Vanessa survived the public vote and Lesley was evicted from the House. Big Brother told the housemates that the nominations on Day 46 were optional. However, this was a lie. As always, nominations were compulsory; and those that did not nominate would face the public vote. As Vanessa did not nominate, she faced the public vote. On Day 50, it was revealed to the House that Vanessa and Makosi had received the most public votes after receiving 26% and 47% of the vote respectively. The housemates were then told to decide which of the two should be evicted from the House. Vanessa was evicted from the House on Day 50 after receiving 6 of the 7 votes against her.

Nominations History[]

Vanessa's Nominations History
Week Vanessa's
Nominations Against
1 Day 4 Sam,
Maxwell, Roberto, Sam
Day 5 Not
2 Sam,
Anthony, Roberto
3 Sam,
4 Science,
Anthony, Roberto
5 Round 1 Maxwell,
Round 2 Not eligible
6 Science,
7 Day 46 Refused
Day 50 Nominated Anthony, Craig, Derek,
Eugene, Orlaith, Science
Evicted, Day 50

Post-Big Brother[]

After the show, Vanessa has been photographed at various nightclubs.



  • In Big Brother 6, Vanessa was punished for not fulfilling her original role in a shopping task. Her punishment was that she not allowed to eat any of the food that the housemates had bought with the weekly shopping budget.
    • She is the first ever housemate to refuse to fulfil their selected role in a task and swap with another housemate.
    • She was the first ever housemate to be given set meals by Big Brother in the Diary Room.
    • She was the first ever housemate to banned from eating any of the weekly shopping that housemates had won.
  • Vanessa was the first ever housemate to put every housemate up for eviction as a result of her breaking the rules regarding the discussion of nominations.
  • Vanessa was one of the first ever six housemates to refuse to partake in standard Big Brother nominations.
    • She faced the public vote for doing this.
  • After receiving 13 nominations each, Vanessa and Sam Heuston are tied for having received more nominations against them compared to any other female Big Brother 6 housemate.