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 Tom Bryant
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Hometown: Limington
Occupation: Butcher

Tom Bryant is a housemate on Big Brother 20 (UK).


Tom Bryant Biography

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What made you apply to be a Big Brother housemate?

It’s just a bit of fun really, isn't it? Something a bit different from day to day life.

What part of the experience are you most looking forward to?

Just getting to sit there and chat shit with people all day.

How would your friends and family describe you?

Quite loud and chatty. I like to think I’m quite funny but I don’t know if they agree.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself...

I once thought I saw a dead man on the beach in Magaluf... when I got closer he woke up.

What are you most likely to get nominated for?

I think I might potentially offend some people. My mouth moves faster than my brain.

What would you do with the prize money if you won?

There’s a good couple of cars I want to buy. I’d probably put a good bit of it into savings for a house, and then probably spunk a trip to Ibiza or somewhere.

Who would be your dream celebrity to live with?

Karl Pilkington. I love him, he’s just a laugh.[1]

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