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 Teen Big Brother
Series Information
Presenter: Dermot O'Leary
Broadcaster: Channel 4
Series Run: 13 October, 2003 – 18 October, 2003
No. of Days: 10
No. of Housemates: 8
Winner: Paul Brennan
Runner Up: Caroline Cloke
Next: Big Brother Panto

Teen Big Brother, also known as Teen Big Brother: The Experiment, was a spin-off of Big Brother UK in which teenagers inhabited the House. The show was presented by Dermot O'Leary.


Featuring eight 18-year-olds, it was broadcast in October 2003 on Channel 4 and E4. Trailed as 'The Experiment', Teen Big Brother was originally shot in advance over the course of ten days during July and August 2003, to air in 2003 as an educational item, screened as part of Channel 4's 4Learning programming. The tasks were created so as to promote such values as cooperation and team spirit, and topics like politics and religion were discussed. After editing, however, the footage was felt to be compelling enough for a more mass-market time slot, so the show was moved ahead to October 2003 and formatted to be shown over one week (five episodes).

Teen Big Brother was different from the original Big Brother UK series in a number of ways. Since it was pre-recorded, the contestants themselves and not the audience decided which housemates were to be voted out. At the end, the eventual winner of a grand prize was decided by group decision (a cash prize was replaced by a round-the-world trip). No alcohol or cigarettes were allowed. The basic premise of the show, however, remained the same, and no special treatment was made for the housemates.

On Day Six/Seven, Jade Dyer and Tommy Wright became the first Big Brother UK contestants to have sex on the show in its history. According to The Independent, this was the first real-life sexual act shown on British television (although nothing explicit was seen; the two were under bedcovers). This sparked controversy in the British media and comment on teenage safe sex education.

Paul Brennan was voted the winner, and selected Caroline Cloke to accompany him in sharing the prize of a fully paid three-month round-the-world tour. A programme about the tour was mentioned on the final episode and was to be broadcast on E4 a few months later, but never was due to lack of interest. In addition, he won a period of work experience selected for his interests, with a New York fashion designer.

An edited version of Teen Big Brother – The Experiment was eventually broadcast in January 2004 as part of 4Learning's morning schedule and was designed with formal curriculum teaching in mind. The incident featuring Jade and Tommy did not appear in this edit.


Teen Big Brother featured a total of eight 18-year-old housemates. The original eight housemates entered the House on Day 1.

Housemate Entered House/Left House
Hasan Shah.jpg

Hasan Shah

Media and English A-Level Student

18, London

Day 1

1st Person Evicted

Day 5

Shaneen Dawkins.jpg

Shaneen Dawkins

Performing Arts B-Tech Student

18, Leeds

Day 1

2nd Person Evicted

Day 8

James Kelly.jpg

James Kelly

Media Communication HNC Student

18, Paisley, Glasgow

Day 1


Day 10

Tommy Wright.jpg

Tommy Wright


18, Weymouth, Dorset

Day 1

Fourth Place

Day 10

Jade Dyer.jpg

Jade Dyer


18, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Day 1
Tracey Fowler.jpg

Tracey Fowler

Sales Assistant

18, Cheshire

Day 1

Third Place

Day 10

Caroline Cloke.jpg

Caroline Cloke

Government and Politics A-Level Student

18, Ashford, Kent

Day 1


Day 10

Paul Brennan.jpg

Paul Brennan


18, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Day 1


Day 10


Days Lasted Task Reward Result
Day 1 As a test for the housemates, Big Brother blocked the toilet and the housemates had to unblock it themselves. Toilet Passed
Day 2 Big Brother set the teenagers their shopping task, that would determine their budget for the next 8 days. Housemates had to fully crew a simulated flight from London to Birmingham without crashing. 75% Extra Shopping Budget Failed
Day 4 Today, all housemates were split into pairs and each person had to teach something personal to them to their partner in 5 hours. At the end of the 5 hours, Big Brother tested them on their new skills. The pairs were Shaneen/Caroline, Tommy/Hasan, Tracey/James and Paul/Jade. 2 Food Hampers Passed
Day 6 At 18, the housemates's personalities are defined by what they wear. Big Brother provided every housemate with a boiler suit and they were only allowed to wear this suit and underwear. Housemates were also only allowed a toothbrush, one toothpaste and a bottle of shower gel each until further notice.
During the day, Big Brother set housemates a series of mini-tasks to challenge gender stereotypes. Housemates would be eliminated if they lost their match and in the end there would be one winner of the task. Pampering,
Day 8 Today, housemates had to paint a group portrait to test their interpretation skills.
Day 9 On the morning of Day 9, Big Brother ordered the housemates to clean the House thoroughly.
In the afternoon, housemates were required to form a pop group and write and perform a song in Spanish. Party Passed

Nominations table

Day 3 Day 5 Day 7 Day 10
Vote Final
Paul Tracey,
Hasan Jade Caroline Winner
(Day 10)
Caroline Paul,
Hasan Exempt Paul Runner-Up
(Day 10)
Tracey Paul,
Shaneen Tommy Paul Third Place
(Day 10)
Jade Hasan,
Hasan Paul Paul Fourth Place
(Day 10)
Tommy Jade,
Shaneen Tracey Tracey
James Hasan,
Hasan Tommy Caroline Disqualified
(Day 10)
Shaneen Hasan,
Nominated James Evicted
(Day 8)
Hasan Shaneen,
Nominated Evicted
(Day 5)
note 1
note 2
note 3
Up for
none Hasan,
Disqualified none James
Evicted none Hasan
4 of 6 votes
to evict
0 of 6 votes
to save
0 of 6 votes
to win
0 of 6 votes
to win
1 of 6 votes
to win
2 of 6 votes
to win
3 of 6 votes
to win


Note 1: Housemates nominated two other housemates for eviction. Hasan and Shaneen were the two housemates receiving the most nominations. The other six housemates were asked to discuss amongst themselves who should be evicted, and they chose Hasan.

Note 2: Housemates nominated one housemate to save from eviction. Caroline was exempt, because she had won a task. Shaneen received no nominations, therefore she was evicted.

Note 3: Housemates nominated a fellow housemate to win. James was unable to win the prize although he was allowed to vote. Paul received the most nominations; therefore he won. He was asked to choose a fellow housemate to share the prize with, and chose Caroline.

Nominations totals

Day 3
(to nominate)
Day 5
(to evict)
Day 7
(to save)
Day 10
(to win)
Paul 3 1 3 7
Caroline 0 2 2
Tracey 2 1 1 4
Jade 2 1 0 3
Tommy 1 2 0 3
James 0 1 7
Shaneen 4 2 0 6
Hasan 4 4 8