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 Stuart Hosking
[[File:Stuart Hosking|250px|center]]
Born: 1965
Hometown: Oxfordshire
Occupation: Director of Communications Company
Big Brother 2
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 22
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 4

Stuart Hosking is a housemate from Big Brother 2.


Stuart Hosking, born in 1965, was a Director of a Communications Company from Oxfordshire. Stuart described himself as a highly confident and articulate person whose passions were fast cars and foie gras. He said he had an aversion to Anne Robinson and he liked to think of himself as Mr Perfect. Stuart said he'd miss his wife's cooking and Indian takeaways the most while he was in the house.

Big Brother 2[]

Stuart was nominated for eviction on Day 18, and was informed of his nomination against Paul the following day. On Day 22, Stuart became the second evicted Housemate, receiving 86% of the public vote.

Nominations History[]

Stuart's Nominations History
Week Stuart's
Nominations Against
2 Penny,
3 Amma,
Amma, Brian, Elizabeth, Narinder
Evicted, Day 22

Post-Big Brother[]

Stuart went on to set up a website with fellow contestant Dean O'Laughlin,, an innovative way to dispose of used tea bags. He now works as a freelance communications Consultant.