Spitgate or Fight Night II is a reference to the events of Day 23 of Big Brother 9. Rex smudged pizza on a painting that Jennifer had painted as part of a task earlier in the week. Despite accepting his apology she continued to be upset by the incident resulting in the attention of several housemates. When Dale and Stuart found out what Rex had done they demanded that he apologised and he did so despite already doing it once. Shortly after Stuart claiming Rex smeared the painting out of "spite", Mohamed commented that it was "just a painting". This led Rebecca to question Mohamed's involvement in the argument and for Dennis to back up Rebecca by shouting "fuck off" several times at Mohamed before appearing to spit in his face. The live streaming was cut at this point but the argument did not go much further. Despite claiming that no spit actually lift his mouth and hit Mohamed, Dennis was ejected from the Big Brother house for unacceptable behaviour on Day 23.