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 Saskia Howard-Clarke
[[File:Saskia Howard-Clarke|250px|center]]
Born: March, 1982
Hometown: London
Occupation: Promotions Girl
Big Brother 6
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 36
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 11

Saskia Rose Howard-Clarke is a housemate from Big Brother 6.


The 23-year-old promotions girl, from London, visits the gym five times a week and gets her nails done every month. A quarter Sri Lankan, the ex-Formula 1 pit girl and Cheryl Tweedy lookalike spends a fortune on fake tan and admits that, after winning a beauty contest as a child, she thought she was a princess.

Film: Pretty Woman, Terminator
TV Show: Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale
Book: Watermelon
Food: Roast Potatoes, Pork Length

Quote: "I'll be nominated because of jealousy, jealousy, jealousy and jealousy."

Big Brother 6[]

On Day 12, it was revealed to the House that all housemates would face the public vote as a result of one housemate breaking the rules regarding the discussion of nominations; this housemate was Vanessa. On Day 15, Saskia survived the public vote and Lesley was evicted from the House. On Day 32, after receiving four nominations from her fellow housemates, Saskia faced eviction against Maxwell. She was evicted from the House on Day 36 after receiving 71% of the public vote.

Nominations History[]

Saskia's Nominations History
Week Saskia's
Nominations Against
1 Day 4 Mary,
Derek, Mary
Day 5 Not
2 Derek,
Craig, Derek, Lesley, Vanessa
3 Roberto,
4 Derek,
5 Round 1 Makosi,
Derek, Kemal, Makosi, Vanessa
Round 2 Not eligible
Evicted, Day 36

Post-Big Brother[]

Since leaving the House Saskia has sustained a career as a glamour model and regularly appearing in Nuts magazine.

Saskia and Maxwell Ward continued their relationship after they left the House. It was reported in OK magazine in February 2007 that Maxwell and Saskia were no longer together - this was confirmed in May 2007 during a Channel 4 programme After They Were Housemates, during which Maxwell confirmed that he was currently moving out after splitting up around six months before. They have now sold the house they owned together. She has a pet dog, a pug, named Arthur. Gh In October 2008, Saskia appeared in the E4 horror series Dead Set, as a zombie version of



  • After receiving 71% of the public vote, Saskia was evicted with the highest percentage out of all the Big Brother 6 housemates.
  • Saskia and Maxwell Ward were the first ever Big Brother couple to be nominated for eviction alongside each other in a two-way eviction.