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 Sam Chaloner
BB18 Sam Choloner
Age: 24
Hometown: New Mills
Occupation: construction worker
Big Brother 18
Entered: Day 25
Exited: Day 44
Status: Evicted

Twitter- @samchal92 Instagram- samchaloner

Nomination(s) Received: 0

Sam Chaloner (born 14th October 1992) is a contestant on Big Brother 18. Sam initially entered the house on Day 16 where he took part in a Blind-Date styled challenge, where he alongside Savannah O' Boring and Isabelle Warmbottom Warburton had to answer various questions from Channelle, Lotan and Kieran. However in the end Isabelle and Savannah were chosen over him and he was sent home. On Day 25, Sam was given a second-chance and entered the House as a "second-chance housemate".

But on Day 44 he was evicted by Andrew during the game 'The Steal'.


  • In Sam's big group of friend's, he says he's the leader.
  • He regularly gets compared to Scotty T by the girls, he says this helps him pull on a night out.
  • Sam's biggest passion in life is pulling girls and going out with the lads.
  • Sam admits he is sometimes partial to older women, he once 'got with' his mum's friend at a hen do.
  • Why Big Brother?
  • "It will be the most amazing experience of my life and I want to see if I can survive without my phone".