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 Narinder Kaur
[[File:Narinder Kaur|250px|center]]
Born: 1973
Hometown: Leicester
Occupation: Medical Rep.
Big Brother 2
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 29
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 12

Narinder Kaur is a housemate from Big Brother 2.


Mahad Makandi, born in 1973, was a Medical Rep from Leicester. Narinder decided to take part in Big Brother because she wanted to entertain Britain for ten weeks. Before entering the house, she stated she would most miss "Running outdoors, reading the newspapers, [and] music" among other things.

Big Brother 2[]

Narinder was nominated for eviction on Day 25, having received six nominations that week. She was nominated against Paul, who had survived the previous eviction against Stuart. On Day 29, Narinder became the third housemate evicted from the House, having received 62% of the public vote.

Nominations History[]

Narinder's Nominations History
Week Narinder's
Nominations Against
2 Helen,
Dean, Helen, Stuart
3 Stuart,
Dean, Helen, Stuart
4 Amma,
Amma, Bubble, Dean,
Elizabeth, Helen, Josh
Evicted, Day 29

Post-Big Brother[]

TV work looked promising when Narinder first left the House with a few presenting roles and even wrote a book about Big Brother but she has now left London to be closer to her family in Newcastle.



  • In 2004, Narinder returned to the House to play the role of "Baroness Hardup" in Big Brother Panto.
    • Narinder was the only housemate from Big Brother 2 to participate in Big Brother Panto.
  • Narinder received at least three nominations every week she was eligible to be nominated.
  • Dean O'Laughlin and Helen Adams nominated Narinder every week they were able to.