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Killing Time was the second Big Brother 16 task & first shopping task of the series. The task took place on day 3.

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"Housemates as you have already experienced time in the Big Brother House is a precious commodity so to help you get the most out of your time as housemates today's task is about killing time effectively. Big Brother has laid on a hour's worth of unusual activities if housemates can kill the hour to Big Brother's satisfaction you will be rewarded with a bumper load of luxury shopping." - Big Brother


What can you do in fifteen minutes? It's not a very long period of time, but today the housemates are going to find out exactly how long quarter of an hour can feel, as Big Brother has set up four different challenges for them to complete. Some are mental and some are physical, and all the housemates have to do to win themselves a prize is kill 15 minutes on each challenge.

Changes to House[]

A large clock face with activities was placed in the living room of the house for the duration of the task. The clock featured 4 of the activities and the clock's hand progressed round the clock as the housemates fulfilled the activities.

First 15 Minutes: Energetic Bike Ride[]