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House Next Door
House Next Door

Big Brother 7 (Old Housemates)

Day Began Day 83
Day Finished Day 86
Residents Grace Adams-Short
Lea Walker
Mikey Dalton
Nikki Grahame

Big Brother 7 (New Housemates)

Day Began Day 44
Day Finished Day 49
Residents Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace
Jayne Kitt
Jennie Corner
Jonathan Leonard
Michael Cheshire
Spiral Coroner

The House Next Door was a secondary House that existed during Big Brother 7. It was a group of rooms connected to the original House via the Diary Room.


Big Brother 7 (New Housemates)[]

On Day 44, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace was moved from the main House to the House Next Door secretly; the other housemates thought that she had been evicted. She was then joined by four other new housemates. On Days 47 and 49, Aisleyne sent Jayne Kitt, Michael Cheshire and Jennie Corner to the main House, believing that she was evicting them. On Day 50, Aisleyne was told to evict either Jonathan Leonard or Spiral Coroner. She evicted Jonathan. Aisleyne and three of these housemates eventually moved into the main House; the other housemate, Jonathan, was evicted.

Big Brother 7 (Old Housemates)[]

On Day 83, four housemates who had previously been evicted (Grace Adams-Short, Lea Walker, Mikey Dalton and Nikki Grahame) entered the House Next Door. On Day 86, the housemates in the main House chose Nikki to return and be eligible to win; Lea, Mikey, and Grace were re-evicted, along with Imogen Thomas who was evicted from the main House by the usual public vote.