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Heaven and Hell was the concept introduce in Big Brother 9, where housemates were divided into Heaven or into Hell. "Heavenly" housemates were awarded a number of priviledges whereas the "Hellish" housemates were deprived of the things they had taken for granted until that point in the house. Housemates would be selected to reside in Heaven or in Hell by the Head of House for that week. This meant that housemates could stay in either side of the house for the entire duration of the existence of Heaven and Hell or could change side each week.

Priviledges Gained and Lost
  • Exclusive access to the luxury bedroom and bathroom
  • Automatic right to nominate
  • Had all the best seating
  • Access to the entire swimming pool
  • No access to the kitchen
  • Access only to B-Block: the second bedroom
  • Must earn the right to nominate by passing a task
  • Had bad seats
  • No access to swimming pool
  • Exclusive access to the kitchen, meaning Hellish housemates must prepare all food and drink for the Heavenly housemates when asked to

The Heaven and Hell divide was first announced to housemates by Davina on Day 38, just after Mario's eviction. The divide was taken down on Day 66.