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Head of House Election

The first ever Head of House Election.

The position of Head of House was introduced in Week 6 of Big Brother 9 and then again in Celebrity Big Brother 6. The Head of House cannot be nominated for eviction and is therefore immune from eviction for that week, but can still nominate. Once a housemate has stood as Head of House, they cannot stand a second time.
The Head of House's responsibilities included:

  • Writing the shopping list by his or herself for that week.
  • Selecting which housemates lived in Heaven and which lived in Hell.
  • Deciding who does what in the shopping task.

The first ever Head of House was Darnell Swallow.

Head of House should not be confused with the position of Head of Household in the U.S. version of Big Brother.

Heads of House in Big Brother 9[]

Week 6: Darnell Swallow
Week 7: Dale
Week 8: Stuart
Week 9: Rachel
Week 10: Michael
Week 11: Rex
Week 12: Mohamed

Heads of House in Celebrity Big Brother 6[]

Week 1: Terry Christian