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Fight Night is the name given to the day and events of Michelle and Emma's return to the Big Brother House after their fake eviction in Big Brother 5.

Fake Eviction[]

In a Big Brother twist, the public were asked to vote for which of the three nominated housemates they wanted to see move into a secret bedsit, instead of who they wanted to be evicted. Emma and Michelle received 59% and 24% of the public vote, respectively, to be moved into the bedsit over fellow housemate Ahmed. All housemates believed that Emma and Michelle had been evicted from the House. As Emma and Michelle approached the front door, a hidden door opened and the pair were shown into a secret room called the Bedsit. In the bedsit, Emma and Michelle were able to view and hear the remaining housemates living in the main house, live.

While in the bedsit, Big Brother allowed them to choose one housemate to suffer a cold shower and also gave them the choice of sending in a chilli cake to the house. Both of the housemates were also allowed to nominate, but could not be nominated as they were presumed evicted.

Return and Consequences[]

Emma and Michelle frightened the housemates by appearing beneath the table which held food for a party for the rest of the house. Jason and Victor were visibly upset and angered by their return and continued to sulk therafter and discuss how Emma and Michelle's return was ruining their game. Meanwhile Emma had been drinking and informing Nadia and Marco of the things that Jason and Victor had been calling her when she was in the bedsit. As the night went on Victor and Emma came to blows and following a heated argument they both started to throw food and platters at each other and were restrained by other housemates. Jason took Victor's side and Nadia, Michelle and Marco backed up Emma. Vanessa ended up having a catfight with Nadia and Jason was seen forcefully shoving Stuart as security rushed into the house. Once things had calmed down the party had been ruined with food strewn over the floor and the table over turned. All housemates who weren't fighting or arguing were attempting to soothe the situation, involving the entire house resulting in Emma and Michelle's return being nicknamed "Fight Night". As a consequence Emma was removed the next day and Victor was made to see a psychologist. All housemates excluding Dan, Michelle, Shell and Stuart were given warnings by Big Brother.