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 Emma & Victoria Jensen
Emma & Victoria Jensen 2
Emma (left) and Victoria (right)
Housemate Profile
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Hometown: Chigwell
Occupation: DJs
Big Brother 17
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 5 (Victoria)
Day 34 (Emma)
Status: Walked (Victoria)
Ejected (Emma)
Nomination(s) Received: N/A (Victoria)
5 (Emma)
Times Faced Eviction: N/A (Victoria)
1 (Emma)

Emma & Victoria Jensen were housemates in Big Brother 17. The pair entered the Main house together on Day 1. Victoria left the house on Day 5 and Emma was ejected from the house on Day 34.


  • They were the fourth set of twins to participate in Big Brother but were the first set of twins to have one of them continue as a single housemate.
  • Victoria is vegan.
  • Emma insists she never watches television or reads newspapers.
  • Emma was the second housemate to be ejected in her respective series, with the first being Andrew Tate.
  • They were the first housemates to try and escape the house in the 17th series.

Victoria's Departure[]

On Day 5, Emma and Victoria expressed that they couldn't handle living in the house and that they wanted to leave. After they were declined access to the diary room, the twins managed to break out through one of the exits. They were eventually caught by security. The following day, Emma returned to the house- stating that she was going to continue as a solo housemate as her sister chose to quit.

Emma's Ejection[]

On Day 31, Emma tried to break out of the house after her fellow housemates disagreed with her decision to see her boyfriend a second time during the "BB loyalty points" task. She left through the store room exit but was brought to the diary room shortly after. Big Brother stated that they had no other choice but to eject Emma from the house, as this was her second attempt to break out from the house.

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