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Alexandra De-Gale is ejected from Big Brother 9.
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Description The process by which a housemate is removed from the House
Appearance(s) Big Brother 1
Big Brother 5
Big Brother 7
Big Brother 8
Big Brother 9
Ultimate Big Brother
Big Brother 14
Celebrity Big Brother 15
Big Brother 16
Celebrity Big Brother 16
Big Brother 17
Celebrity Big Brother 18
Big Brother 18

Ejection is one of three ways in which a housemate can leave the Big Brother House.


When a housemate is ejected, they are removed from the House solely by Big Brother, usually for severe or continual breaking of the rules and behaviour which is deemed unacceptable by Big Brother. Big Brother occasionally takes time to deliberate about whether to remove a housemate from the House or not if their breaking of the rules is severe enough. The departure of the housemate is normally revealed to the other housemates later in the day in the case of a housemate leaving without the rest of the housemates knowing.

Big Brother can remove housemates from the House for a variety of different reasons. The first ejection occurred during Big Brother 1 after Nick Bateman attempted to influence his fellow housemates' nominations. The next two ejections took place in Big Brother 5 when Kitten Pinder and Emma Greenwood both broke the rules regarding unacceptable behaviour; they were removed for breaking a variety of basic rules whilst rebelling against Big Brother and for starting the infamous Fight Night respectively. The fourth ever ejection took place in Big Brother 7 after Dawn Blake confessed that she had set up a secret code with the outside world in order to tell her how she was being perceived by the public. Similar to Big Brother 5, another two ejections took place in Big Brother 9 after Alexandra De-Gale and Dennis McHugh broke the rules regarding unacceptable behaviour; Alexandra allegedly bullied her fellow housemates and threatened them, and Dennis allegedly spat in Mohamed Mohamed's face during Spitgate. The only ever removal to occur during a spin-off series of Big Brother took place in Ultimate Big Brother when Coolio left the House on a "mutual" agreement with Big Brother after having a large argument with fellow housemate Nadia Almada. In Big Brother 14, Daley Ojuederie was removed from the House for "threatening and aggressive" behaviour towards another housemate. Two more ejections from the House took place in Celebrity Big Brother 15 when Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley were removed from the House for unacceptable behaviour and language towards their fellow housemates. Another ejection took place in Big Brother 16 when Aaron Frew was removed from the House after repeatedly flashing a fellow housemate. In Celebrity Big Brother 16, Tila Tequila was removed from the House after it was revealed that she posted Nazi propaganda before entering the House. In Big Brother 17, Andrew Tate was removed after a video of him performing BDSM was leaked online and Emma Jensen was removed for attempting to escape from the house numerous times. In Celebrity Big Brother 18, Christopher Biggins was ejected for making offensive comments to his fellow housemates. In Big Brother 18, Kayleigh Morris and Lotan Carter were both removed from the house on Day 13 and Day 21 respectively for using aggressive behaviour towards their fellow housemates.

List of Ejectees[]

Big Brother[]

Housemate Series Rule Break
Nick Bateman Big Brother 1 Nomination influence
Kitten Pinder Big Brother 5 Unacceptable behaviour
Emma Greenwood
Dawn Blake Big Brother 7 Communication with outside world
Emily Parr Big Brother 8 Unacceptable language
Alexandra De-Gale Big Brother 9 Unacceptable behaviour
Dennis McHugh
Daley Ojuederie Big Brother 14
Aaron Frew Big Brother 16
Andrew Tate Big Brother 17 Performing BDSM before his entry
Emma Jensen Unacceptable behaviour
Kayleigh Morris Big Brother 18
Lotan Carter
Ellis Hillon  Big Brother 19 Unacceptable behaviour and social media posting
Lewis Flanagan Big Brother 19 Unacceptable language

Celebrity Big Brother[]

Housemate Series Rule Break
Jeremy Jackson Celebrity Big Brother 15 Unacceptable behaviour
Ken Morley Unacceptable language
Tila Tequila Celebrity Big Brother 16 Posting Nazi propaganda before her entry
Christopher Biggins Celebrity Big Brother 18 Unacceptable language
Rodrigo Alves Celebrity Big Brother 22 Unspecified[1]


Housemate Series Form of Exit
Coolio Ultimate Big Brother Unacceptable behaviour

  1. On Day 2, Rodrigo was given a formal and final warning for "unacceptable language" regarding his use of the N-word. He was later removed following an unspecified "further incident", which is yet to be explained.