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 Dennis McHugh
[[File:Dennis McHugh|250px|center]]
Born: 1984
Hometown: Edinburgh
Occupation: Dance Teacher
Big Brother 9
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 23
Status: Ejected
Nomination(s) Received: 5

Dennis McHugh is a housemate from Big Brother 9.


Dennis describes himself as egotistical, flamboyant, and competitive - and he lives for getting attention. A dancer, as well as dance teacher, Dennis says that things that make him happy are having his ego massaged, dancing, singing and performing.

Dennis says if he could make any law, it would be that everyone must wear fake tan, and his dream job is to be a dancer and then perhaps a personal shopper. On a typical day he stresses out in front of the mirror for hours, and gets changed about three times before going out. He says he always gets comments on his "fabulous" eyes and sparkling white teeth. He loves Will and Grace, and says that the personality of character Karen is the closest resembling his own personality.

In the Big Brother House, Dennis thinks fellow housemates would nominate him out of jealousy. He says he would stop at nothing to win a task, and there's nothing he wouldn't do in the house. He claims he'd rather try anything once than live life knowing he never tried. He thinks he'll be an "agony aunt" for other housemates and thinks that people will remember him simply as "wow".

Big Brother 9[]

On Day 23, Dennis was ejected from the House for spitting in Mohamed's face during a row.

Nominations History[]

Dennis's Nominations History
Week Dennis's
Nominations Against
1 Passed Task
2 Mario,
Alexandra, Mario, Michael, Mohamed
3 Rex,
Ejected, Day 23

Post-Big Brother[]

After leaving the House, Dennis apologised for the incident of spitting in Mohamed Mohamed's face and returned to his normal life.



  • Dennis is the seventh ever housemate to be removed from the House by Big Brother.
    • Due to their ejections, Dennis and Alexandra De-Gale were not asked to appear on the Finale night of Big Brother 9 with the rest of the housemates.
    • He is the second ever housemate to be removed from the House.
    • Despite Alexandra receiving an interview with Davina McCall after he ejection, Dennis was not interviewed by Davina and did not appear on any Big Brother related shows.
  • Dennis and Michael Hughes were the only two Scottish housemates in Big Brother 9.
  • Dennis was the only openly-gay housemate in Big Brother 9.
  • Dennis was the first male housemate to leave the Big Brother 9 House.
  • Dennis was the only male housemate in Big Brother 9 to leave the House by means other than eviction.
  • In Big Brother 9, Dennis was the only housemate not to face the public vote at least once.