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Description Horror drama based around Big Brother

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Dead Set is a BAFTA nominated horror drama based around the Big Brother House. The first five episodes of the drama, created by English writer, Charlie Brooker, were first aired on the 27th of October 2008 on E4. The series was repeated on Channel 4 from the 6th to the 8th of January 2009, in three hour long episodes.


During the eviction of Pippa (Kathleen McDermott), one of the Big Brother housemates, an infected security guard stumbles through the Big Brother eviction crowd and dies due to his injuries. He quickly reanimates - and starts to devour crowd members and housemates, spreading the infection and turning everyone, including Davina into a zombie.

The zombies quickly take over and run riot through the studios, killing all of the crew and ex-housemates. As chaos rages outside, the remaining housemates continue to party inside the House, completely unaware of the events occurring outside the house and, for the time being, completely safe from the grasp of the bloodthirsty zombies.

Things get tense when it turns out the housemates, discover that the ex-housemates have been infected, and it's up to the surviving housemates to defend themselves. However, the housemates start to whittle to four, with two being infected by the zombies breaking through into the house, with Kelly and Space remaining. With Space outside a door, and Kelly in the Diary Room, things get emotional for them. Then, as Kelly leaves, she screams - and is infected.

The next day, the zombie housemates are feasting on intestines, while Kelly looks at a camera.