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Day 4 of Celebrity Big Brother 12 took place on 25th August 2013.


  • For the task 'Busk Brother', each celebrity had to showcase their talent in the garden. Big Brother provided housemates with a money bag containing three gold coins. Before their respective performances, every celebrity had to place down their money bag in front of them, allowing any of their fellow housemates to place any number of their gold coins inside. Charlotte, as the housemate with the most gold coins in their money bag after everyone had performed, was the winner and won a plate of burger and chips as a reward.[1]


  • The cult celebrities nominated Vicky to join Ron and Danielle in facing the first public vote.[2]


  • The cult celebrities were revealed and the housemates learnt that they, not the public as Big Brother had previously said, had nominated Ron, Danielle and Vicky for eviction.[2]


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