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Day 2 of Celebrity Big Brother 12 took place on 23rd August 2013.


  • Lauren, Sophie and Louie entered the house.[1][2]


  • The three cult celebrities entered one-by-one into the house for a special party on Day 2. They were not allowed to reveal any information on where they had been staying and that they had been living together elsewhere. The party was used as a ploy for the cult celebrities to reveal who they had chosen to nominate first. The nominee was revealed as the celebrity Louie gave his bottle of champagne to when he entered the party (Ron). Later, Big Brother told the housemates that it was the public who had chosen Ron to become the first nominee and that the public would continue to vote for who they wanted to nominate this week up until the fourth day.[1][2]


  • Ron was nominated to face the first eviction by cult celebrities, Lauren, Louie and Sophie.[1]


  • As punishment for using inappropriate language, Carol received her first formal warning.[3]


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