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Day 1 of Celebrity Big Brother 12 took place on 22nd August 2013.


  • Bruce, Vicky, Courtney, Abz, Danielle, Dustin, Charlotte, Mario, Carol and Ron entered the house.
  • Louie, Lauren and Sophie entered The Temple.


  • Shortly after introductions, Big Brother tasked the housemates with picking the two people inside the house that they thought were the most famous; Bruce and Vicky were the two chosen. These two housemates were later told that as they were the two picked they would be awarded with special sleeping arrangements, which turned out to be a double bed located in the middle of the garden.[1]


  • It was explained that Lauren, Louie and Sophie would become the first three 'cult celebrities.' As cult celebrities, Lauren, Louie and Sophie entered The Temple, a place adjacent to the main house. Inside The Temple, the cult celebrities had the chance to watch the rest of their fellow housemates enter the main house. Lauren, Louie and Sophie were then given the power to decide upon three housemates of their choice to face the first public vote.[1][2]


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