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 Danielle Marr
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Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Occupation: Reality Television Star
Celebrity Big Brother 12
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 7
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 1

Danielle Marr, also known as Danielle Meagher, is a housemate from Celebrity Big Brother 12.


Danielle Marr is celebrity Botox doctor and clinical director of DermaFace Clinic.

She rose to fame through the reality show Dublin Wives. Danielle graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2007 as a dentist. She then went on to complete additional training including a 2 year GDip in Aesthetic Medicine in London. DermaFace started in 2007 and now has two clinics. Danielle administers all the Botox injections herself.

The filming of Dublin Wives started in January 2012 and aired in May 2012, running for two series with a total of eight episodes. It was an Irish reality television programme which followed the lives of five housewives living in the city: Danielle Marr, Jo Jordan, Lisa Murphy, Roz Flanagan and Virginia Macari, and introduced viewers to their lifestyles, families and homes.

Danielle was the 'alpha female' of the group and her strong wills, opinions and one-liners alienated her from the other wives. Finding time in her busy and glamorous life for the needs of her clients and her home life was never easy.

Danielle was the only single one in the group, and had big plans for that to change. She was always on the lookout for love, ideally with an international rugby player, and still is. In April 2013, Danielle announced she was sick of "carrying" her co-stars on the show and was striking out with her own solo TV career.

On her quick-witted one liners, she said: "I know my one-liners were superb and obviously it has me in it, so I am the first clinician to partake in a reality TV show. I guess I bring more brains to the show! I am definitely more PHD than GHD."

Danielle has also been filming her own spin-off show, Dr Danielle's Diaries. She produces all the videos herself and uploads them on the internet.

Celebrity Big Brother 12[]

On Day 3, Danielle was nominated for eviction by the 'cult celebrities' (Louie, Lauren and Sophie), thus leading her to becoming the first celebrity housemate to be evicted on Day 7, with the fewest amount of public votes.

Nominations History[]

Danielle's Nominations History
Day Danielle's
Nominations Against
4 Not
Lauren, Louie & Sophie
Evicted, Day 7

Post-Big Brother[]