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 Cristian MJC "Matthew Clarkson"
Cristian MJC
Hometown: London
Occupation: Musician
Big Brother 16
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 66
Status: 6th Place
Nomination(s) Received: 10

Cristian MJC aka Matthew Clarkson is a housemate from Big Brother 16. He entered the house on Day 1 and finished in Sixth Place on Day 66.



Which former Big Brother housemate would you say you were most like and why?

Do people become famous for winning it?

What has been your greatest achievement?

First of all, how far I have come in music. Another big achievement was getting into UCL to study Biomedical Science. My other achievement is my swimming - I am a national athlete. Sometimes I can get offended when people don't know me and they are quick to make assumptions.

Big Brother could make you famous. Would you welcome that and what has been your closest celebrity encounter in the past?

I am a musician so I have had a bit of that anyway. I know a few of the Coronation Street people, Hollyoaks people, Made in Chelsea and TOWIE people.


Why do you want to enter the Big Brother House?

I would love to go in because I think it is a weird experience. When in your life are you ever going to get the opportunity to isolate yourself from the world and not have social media or a phone?

What will you bring to the House?

I am friendly, I get on with people easily no matter what age group. I don't like getting aggressive, I am past that.

What do you love most and what will you miss most in the House?

My phone! I think it will change me, not being reliant on having a mobile device.


Are you looking for love in the Big Brother House?

I am currently single. I'm not going in with any intentions! I have been asked 'what are you planning on doing in the House?' and that is not on my agenda! But I am a spontaneous person.

What will you do to win?

I don't want to come second. Especially in anything physical, because that is just me. I'm wired to want to win.

What will you do with the money if you win?

I will invest in myself. I'm not an idiot, I don't just go around spending. Realistically I am going in to win and if I do win I will put that towards investing in myself and my future. Paying my uni fees!

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?

It is all on my music really, that is my number one goal. I'm not going to say exactly what because I don't want to jinx it!