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 Chelsea Singh
Chelsea Singh 2
Housemate Profile
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Hometown: London
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Big Brother 17
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 34
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 9
Times Faced Eviction: 1

Chelsea Singh was a housemate in Big Brother 17. He entered the Main house on Day 1, before being moved to the Other house on Day 8. He later returned to the Main house on Day 13. Chelsea was evicted on Day 34, making him the fifth person to be evicted.


  • He owns properties in Chelsea, Windsor, Erith, Sweden and Tenerife.
  • Before entering the house, Chelsea had connections with Jayne Connery.
  • Chelsea was the first housemate to be evicted during annihilation week.
  • Like Lateysha, Alex and Sam, Chelsea was not given a typical eviction. Like the others, he left through the diary room exit.
  • He and Marco Pierre White, Jr. were the second pair of housemates to try and escape the house in the 17th series. The first being Emma & Victoria Jensen.

Annihilation Eviction[]

On Day 34, the housemates were put on the spot and told they had to choose a housemate to evict. The housemates took it upon themselves to use a nominations-style approach, where they went around the table and stated the housemate they wanted to evict. Chelsea received the most votes and was therefore evicted.

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