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 Charlie Travers
[[File:Charlie Travers|250px|center]]
Born: 21 June, 1986
Hometown: Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire
Occupation: Receptionist
Big Brother 14
Entered: Day 2
Exited: Day 68
Status: 5th Place
Nomination(s) Received: 6

Charlie Travers is a housemate from Big Brother 14.


Forming the very first mother/daughter partnership in the Big Brother House, Charlie is bossy, stubborn and very often complex. She has a love/hate relationship with her mum Jackie, who is also going into the House. She admits to insecurities and feels she doesn't fit in with her family – but also admits she is very demanding.

Charlie enjoys playing mind games and says she is extremely confrontational and aggressive. However, she is also cheeky, naughty and playful if the mood takes her. Drama always seems to follow Charlie although she doesn't know why...

When it comes to taking on her mum as a rival housemate, Charlie thinks whoever loses their temper first will get evicted – and she says at her worst she is scarier than her mum...

Charlie says she is a "daddy's girl" and describes her father as "completely my inspiration and hero, selfless, hilariously funny and such a hard grafter for his family".

Big Brother 14[]

On Day 25, after receiving two nominations from her fellow housemates, Charlie was nominated for eviction. The following day, Dexter and Gina, who had previously been living in the Safe House, were asked to save a nominated housemate from facing the public vote; they chose to save Charlie and replace her with Jackie.

Nominations History[]

Charlie's Nominations History
Week Charlie's
Nominations Against
1 Not
2 Jemima,
3 Dexter,
4 Wolfy,
Jack & Joe, Wolfy
5 Callum,
Jack & Joe
6 - In the Main House
7 Callum,
Jack & Joe
8 Hazel,
Jack & Joe
Gina, Jack & Joe
9 Jack & Joe,
Gina, Jack & Joe

Post-Big Brother[]



  • Charlie was the first ever housemate to enter the Big Brother House with her mother, Jackie Travers.
  • Charlie went longer than any other female Big Brother 14 having not received any nominations.