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 Chanelle McCleary
BB18 Chanelle Mcleary
Age: 24
Hometown: Manchester
Occupation: care assistant
Big Brother 18
Entered: Day 1
Exited: TBC
Status: Housemate
Nomination(s) Received: 0
Times Faced Eviction: 1

Chanelle McCleary (born 20 July 1992) is a housemate in Big Brother 18. She entered the Big Brother House on Day 1 as a solo housemate.


  • Chanelle has spent over £15,000 on cosmetic surgery.
  • She is known for her very distinctive laugh
  • Chanelle calls herself an "it" girl and has featured on Ex On The Beach.
  • Once someone annoys her, she can't help but blow her lid. "I'm like a whirlwind of emotions," she says.
  • Why Big Brother?
    • "I want to let down my weave and cause some mayhem"