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 Chanelle Bowen
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Hometown: Llanelli
Occupation: Dental therapist

Chanelle Bowen is a housemate on Big Brother 20 (UK).


Chanelle Bowen Biography

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What made you apply to be a Big Brother housemate?

Well, I only applied as a joke. Now that I'm going in, I'm doing it for myself, for the experience and to make friends for life. Something that was a joke has now materialised into real life!

What part of the experience are you most looking forward to?

Meeting people from all walks of life. I'm assuming everyone's gonna have a story so they're probably going to be really interesting. I’m quite attentive and I love finding things out. Also the tasks and just testing myself. It’s the unknown which is quite exciting.

How would your friends and family describe you?

Fun, bubbly, quite resilient. Humble and grounded with a lot of energy.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself...

I would probably say the fact that I have a first class honours degree because I think often people will judge me by my blonde hair and are surprised. I’m quite book smart but I have no common sense so when I tell people I got first class honours, they're like, ‘Did you pay someone for that?’.

What are you most likely to get nominated for?

Probably just for being annoying. In Wales, we have this saying 'I'll do it now in a minute'. So like, if I went to make food and I left a dish on the side, I have all good intentions of washing it but I'd be like, 'I'll do it now in a minute,' and it might be three hours later before I do it. So probably for silly stuff like that.

What would you do with the prize money if you won?

I’d probably invest it in something that's gonna set me up for life. And pay off the big CC - the credit cards.

Who would be your dream celebrity to live with?

Maybe Channing Tatum, Magic Mike. So I could just sit there and look at him.[1]

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