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 Big Brother Live
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Broadcaster: ITVX
Series Run: 8 October 2023 - Present

Big Brother Live, also known as Big Brother Live Stream. Is a live stream that goes Live on ITVX after Big Brother Late & Live and is shown 7 days a week this is for both versions of the show Celebrity and Civilian. It's on ITVX Monday to Sunday 11pm to 2am unless it's eviction night it's 11:30pm to 2am. Due to Big Brother not being on Saturdays the Live Stream is on from 9pm to 2am.


Big Brother Live first started back on Channel 4 in the early morning and on as a 24/7 broadcast on E4. Later on when Big Brother moved channel from Channel 4 to 5. Channel 5 then reinstated the live stream from the house at the start of the current series in 2011, the first time they had offered the coverage since picking up rights to the series in 2011. Big Brothers live feed had then found itself a new home online after being axed from Channel 5 sister channel 5* just three weeks into it's run. On July 12th 2011 fans was then able to get late night action from the house on Channel 5 website as well on Big Brother app and Facebook app. Once Big Brother returned to our screens back in 2023 after 5 years Big Brother Live Stream returned on ITVX for both Celebrity and Civilian.