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Big Brother Breakdancing Championship was a daily task featured on Day 2 of Big Brother 8.


Housmates will be split into two crews. Each round one housemate from each crew will compete. A professional breakdancer will decide the better dancer from each battle. The winner of each round will score a point, and at the end the team with the most points will win the task.


The housemates were split up into two crews: Carole's Crew and Shabnam's Crew. Carole's Crew, captained by Carole Vincent, consisted of Amanda and Sam Marchant, Emily Parr, Nicky Maxwell, and Lesley Brain. Shabnam's Crew, captained by Shabnam Paryani, consisted of Charley Uchea, Chanelle Hayes, Laura Williams, and Tracey Barnard.

With a final score of 3-2, Carole's Crew won the task. As a result they all received a small trophy.


Winner Score Loser
Carole Vincent 1-0 (Carole's Crew) Shabnam Paryani
Charley Uchea 1-1 (tied) Lesley Brain
Emily Parr 2-1 (Carole's Crew) Chanelle Hayes
Nicky Maxwell 3-1 (Carole's Crew) Laura Williams
Tracey Barnard 3-2 (Carole's Crew) Amanda and Sam Marchant