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 Big Brother 18
Big Brother 18
Series Information
Presenter: Emma Willis
Broadcaster: Channel 5
Series Run: June 5th 2017-July 28,2017
No. of Days: 54
No. of Housemates: 22
Winner: Isabelle Warburton
Runner Up: Raph Korine
Series Chronology
Previous: Big Brother 17
Next: Big Brother 19

Big Brother 18, also known as Big Brother 2017 is the up and coming eighteenth series of the British reality television series Big Brother. The series launched on June 5th 2017 on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom and TV3 in Ireland. The series will be ending July 28, 2017. It's the seventh regular series and the thirteenth series of Big Brother overall to air on Channel 5.



Auditions were held by Channel 5 during early 2017, beginning just after Celebrity Big Brother 19. As usual no open auditions were held for the show, but instead required applicants to submit a ninety second video to their website. However unlike usual, this time Big Brother only asked for pairs to audition for the show. The site said that applicants could audition with anyone they called family, or friends, but also teased that the pairs could possibly be split up during the process of the show. The auditions were originally closed on February 5th, with decisions then being made after.


Emma Willis returned as the hostess of the main show, with Rylan-Clark Neal returning to host the side show; Big Brother's Bit On The Side. Celebrity Big Brother 17 housemate; Stephanie Davis also appears as a regular panelist, dishing out relationship advice.


Like previous series of the show, Big Brother 18 has a theme and this time it's based around the current situation of the UK, being based around politics and voting. A major change this series, is that only pairs were asked to audition for the series and as such 4 pairs have entered the house, however it's been stated that these pairs will be broken up throughout the series.

As revealed on launch night, another format change for this series was the addition of the people's person, a special housemate voted into the Big Brother house by the public. There were four different candidates; Tom Barber, Sue, Simone and Andrew. Each candidate would have to pitch themselves to the viewers live on the launch show in an attempt to gain votes and throw shade at the other candidates, the candidate with the most public votes would be voted in. In the end Tom Barber was chosen as the people's person and was voted in the house. Once in the house, this housemate would have power over the other housemates and would be able to have contact with the outside world.


The official eye logo for this Big Brother 18 was revealed by Channel 5 on 11th May 2017 and is formed out of a multi-coloured Union Jack flag, featuring patchwork of various different images that represent modern day Britain.


The first teaser for this season was released as a short 5-second teaser trailer, 12th May, 2017 on the Channel 5 TV channel. The first full trailer for the season was released May 20th, 2017. The trailer in question shows different views of iconic areas found within the UK and is narrated by various different voices, as well as the distorted Union Jack-styled graphics as seen in the first trailer, as well as featuring clues to who the contestants would be. On 27th May, 2017 a third trailer was released, featuring blurred snippets of the season's possible contestants and teasing that the season was going to be very revealing. Finally on June 2nd, 2017 Channel 5 teased 6 of the new housemates through Instagram and Snapchat.


The first pictures of the season's house were revealed on May 31st, 2017 with the house following a theme of the "Big Brother Village". For the first time since Big Brother 11, the living-room and kitchen were separate within the house. The kitchen in question was modelled after a bakery, accompanied by four tables, each with four chairs. Also for the first time since Celebrity Big Brother 6, there were two different bedrooms. The overall colour scheme of the bathroom was pink, being modelled after a saloon with windows looking out to the garden.


On 2nd June, 2017 Channel 5 revealed the identities of the first six housemates, with the remaining 10 being revealed and entering the house on Launch night. This season also features several pairs, these being; husband and wife Imram and Sukhvinder, sisters Deborah and Hannah, mother and daughter Charlotte and Mandy and colleagues Rebecca and Kieran.

Housemate Entered House/Left House
Mandy BB18

Mandy Longworth
Antiques Dealer
51, Doncaster

Day 1 1st Person Evicted
Day 5
Arthur Fulford BB18

Arthur Fulford
24, Exeter

Day 1 Walked
Day 7
Imram BB18

Imran Javeed
39, Leeds

Day 1 2nd Person Evicted
Day 12
Sukhvinder BB18

Sukhvinder Javeed
38, Leeds

Day 1 Walked
Day 12
Kayleigh Morris BB18

Kayleigh Morris
Ex on the Beach star
28, Port Talbot

Day 1 Ejected
Day 13
Rebecca BB18

Rebecca Jane
Detective agency owner
32, Clitheroe

Day 1 3rd Person Evicted
Day 18
Lotan BB18

Lotan Carter
28, Braintree

Day 1 Ejected
Day 21
BB18 Savannah

Savannah O'Reilly

Day 16 4th Person Evicted
Day 25
Joe BB18

Joe Quaranta
Nightclub owner
56, South London

Day 1 5th Person Evicted
Day 33
BB18 Simone Reed

Simone Reed
28, Teesside

Day 25 6th Person Evicted
Day 40
BB18 Sue Evans

Sue Evans
Television producer
48, Bedfordshire

Day 25 7th Person Evicted
Day 40
BB18 Sam Choloner

Sam Chaloner
construction worker

Day 25 8th Person Evicted
Day 47
Chanelle Mcleary BB18

Chanelle McCleary
Reality TV personality
24, Manchester

Day 1 9th Person Evicted
Day 47
Ellie Young BB18

Ellie Young
Till assistant
23, Castleford

Day 1 10th Person Evicted
Day 47
Charlotte BB18

Charlotte Keys
Estate Agent
24, Doncaster

Day 1 11th Person Evicted
Day 50
Hannah BB18 2

Hannah Agboola
Miss Nigeria UK
23, London

Day 1 12th Person Evicted
Day 52
Kieran Lee BB18

Kieran Lee
CCTV installation engineer
25, Lancashire

Day 1 13th Person Evicted
Day 52

Andrew Cruickshanks
24, Glasgow

Day 25 Second Chance Winner
Day 54
Tom Barber BB18

Tom Barber
Reality TV star
21, Swansea

Day 1 Fourth Place
Day 54
Deborah BB18

Deborah Agboola
Digital Analyst
25, London

Day 1 Third Place
Day 54
Raphael BB18

Raph Korine
Psychology student
22, Exeter

Day 1 Runner-Up
Day 54
BB18 Isabelle

Isabelle Warburton
21, Warrington

Day 16 Winner
Day 54

The Peoples Housemate[]

On Day 1, during the live launch of Big Brother 18, Emma announced the vote for a People's housemate. This housemate would have power over the housemates in the Big Brother House and would be in contact with the public, who would help to influence his decisions as House leader. There were a total of 4 candidates, being; Tom Barber, Simone, Sue and Andrew.

Each candidate tried to convince the public why they'd suit the role of People's Housemate, while also throwing shade at their rivals. In the end the public voted Tom Barber as their People's housemate, making him the sixteenth and final Housemate of BB18.

Once in the House, Tom was assigned an array of task throughout the next 6 days in the House. These tasks were:

  • Day 1- On the first day in the House, Tom made his first contact with the Public over a Facebook Live Chat, in order to help him choose which Housemates should gain citizenship in the BB village and who should be exiled. In the end he exiled: Chanelle, Charlotte, Lotan, Sukhvinder, Rebecca, Raph, Hannah and Arthur. These housemates would be forced to live in the grotty Thorn Cottage, meaning the rest were citizens.
  • Day 2- During the second day the public voted for rules that the exiled housemates would have to follow. Through the process of selection, Tom then narrowed the choices down to three. The three in question were: Making exiled housemates bow every time a citizen appeared, making the food and drinks and being forced to disclose every private conversation.
  • Day 3- After making contact with Big Brother's Bit On the Side, through a live link-up, Tom had to make his final decisions as to who he would exile and who to grant citizenship. In the end he granted Charlotte and Hannah citizenship and replaced them with Mandy and Imram respectively . The remaining exiles then faced the first eviction.
  • Day 5- When it was revealed that both Mandy and Imram had received the fewest public votes to save, Tom had to make his final decision as the People's Housemate; the decision of who to evict. He chose to evict Mandy, making her the series' first evictee.

After this task, Tom was stripped of his special status and given normal Housemate status, as revealed to him through a phoney task on Day 6, where he believed he was answering questions from the public, but was actually answering questions from his fellow housemates.

VIP Guests[]

On Day 9 3 former CBB housemates entered the Big Brother House as VIP guests, being a part of the first shopping task . When in the House, they had the Housemates cater to their every whim, co-ordinating with the mayor; Sukhvinder and notifying her of who they thought were the best-working housemates and who they thought needed to be fired. At the end of the 3 days, they announced that the housemates had passed the task, but that the unemployed, would not have access to the luxury shopping budget, but chose to give access to Lotan. Their final task as VIP guests was to award 3 housemates immunity from the next vote. They chose; Raff, Lotan and Kieran. The VIP guests were:

Celebrity Guest

Gemma Collins
Celebrity Big Brother 17
Evicted-7th Place
Days 9-12


Marnie Simpson
Celebrity Big Brother 18
4th Place
Days 9-12


Nicola McLean
Celebrity Big Brother 9
Celebrity Big Brother 19

Evicted-7th Place

5th Place

Days 9-12


Week Day Twist
Week 1 Day 1 The public voted for their People's housemate, having the choice of either; Tom, Simone, Andrew and Sue. Ultimately they chose Tom Barber, as the finale housemate. As the People's Housemate the public were give control over his decisions, with his first mission being to exile some of his fellow housemates. In order to help accomplish this he had a Facebook Live chat with the fans. In the end he chose Arthur, Chanelle, Charlotte, Hannah, Lotan, Raph , Rebecca and Sukhvinder to be exiled, with the rest getting citizenship.
Day 3 Tom was given the opportunity to swap some of the citizen housemates with the exiled housemates. In the end he decided to swap Mandy with Charlotte and Imram with Hannah. All that were exiled at the end of this twist were put up for eviction
Day 5 After it was revealed that both Imram and Mandy had each received the fewest public votes, Tom was forced to make a decision as to who would be evicted. In the end he chose to evict Mandy.


Week Days Lasted Task Reward Result
Week 1 Day 2 Tom was given a choice of rules that had been given to him by the public that could be set for the exiled contestants. He had to choose three of these rules for the exiles to follow. none Passed
Day 2 Exiles and citizens went head to head and had to guess which headlines about each other were real or fake. TBC Passed
Day 3 Tom put the exiled housemates on the spot with different personality traits and asked them to prove themselves. Potential citizenship grant Passed
Day 4 Housemates participated in a number of debates, with both the exiles and citizens going head to head. TBC Passed
Week 2 Day 6 Tom entered into the Intelligence Centre for the final time, believing that he was still the People's Housemate, and that when he was answering questions he was interacting with the public. However he was actually answering questions given to him by his fellow housemates who were watching him from the main house. TBC Passed
Day 7 Housemates participated in a quiz with a twist. Each of the housemates selected a gift, that actually contained a punishment. If the questions get answered correctly the corresponding housemate would get to choose another housemate to inflict the punishment on. However if answered incorrectly they'd have to take it. The potential ability to punish another Housemate Passed
Days 9-11 The housemates took part in their first shopping task, with Sukhvinder becoming the mayor and Kayleigh as her deputy. The two then assigned job roles to each of the other housemates, but left some of them unemployed. Marnie Simpson, Gemma Collins and Nicola Mclean entered as VIP guests in the village and employed housemates had to cater to their every need. Sukhvinder was also able to replace/fire anyone who she thought were not up for the job. Housemates who were still unemployed at the end of the task would have to go without the luxury shopping budget. Immunity from the next nomination for three housemates Passed
Week 3 Day 13 Raph took part in a number of challenges in order to win himself a birthday party a birthday party with refreshments and music Passed
Day 14 Channelle and Kieran were given a secret mission to hide several garden gnomes around the house, with each one increasing by size over the duration of the task. However, unbeknownst to them the rest of the housemates knew of their task and being led by Rebecca, they had to secretly return each of the garden gnomes to the diary room. TBC Passed
Day 16 Channelle, Kieran and Lotan took part in a Blind Date-styled task where they had to ask question to anonymous potential housemates; Isabelle, Sam and Savannah. In the end the chosen candidates were Isabelle and Savannah. Two new housemates Passed
Day 17 Housemates started their second shopping task, where each housemate had to enter the "Den of Dilemma" where they are given a difficult choice which could effect either them or their fellow housemates. Luxury shopping budget Passed
Week 4 Day 19 The housemates were given a task where they were tasked with proving they were the best at particular skills. Ellie won the funniest accolade over Tom, Raph beat Charlotte over most intelligent, Kieran managed to beat Channelle for the Most Outrageous housemate, Hannah beat Savannah for the most talented, Deborah and Joe tied for the most truthful housemate and Isabelle and Lotan tied for the sexiest. nothing Passed

Nominations Table[]

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Day 34 Day 36 Day 39
Chanelle Exiled
Charlotte Saved
Deborah Saved
Ellie Saved
Hannah Saved
Joe Saved
Kieran Saved
Lotan Exiled
Raph Exiled
Rebecca Exiled
Tom Peoples
Kayleigh style="background:#ffd700|Saved
(Day 12)
Sukhvinder Exiled
(Day 12)
Imram Exiled
(Day 12)
Arthur style="background:#ff0000|Exiled
(Day 7)
Mandy style="background:#ff0000|Exiled
(Day 5)
1 2 3 none 4 5 6 7 8
public vote
Walked none Arthur none Sukhvinder
Ejected none Kayleigh none
Evicted Mandy
Most votes
to evict
Most votes
(out of 2)
to evict