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 Belinda Harris-Reid
[[File:Belinda Harris-Reid|250px|center]]
Housemate Profile
Gender: Female
Born: 7 April, 1964
Age: 44
Hometown: Exeter, Devon
Occupation: Theatre Director
Big Brother 9
Entered: Day 30
Exited: Day 44
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 5

Belinda Harris-Reid is a housemate from Big Brother 9.


Belinda is a 44-year-old mum of two who lives in a five-bedroom house in Devon with her loving husband and two sons. She calls herself radical, intellectual and argumentative. She loves jazz singing and being by the sea and once appeared on stage naked.

Belinda is currently an artistic director for a theatre group - which she describes as a 'multimedia experimental arts jam'. She has only ever been the boss and has never worked beneath anyone before.

She describes herself as 'the voice of the voiceless' claiming to be passionate about marginalised people, especially the homeless. She lived in East Africa until the age of 11.

Belinda says she can get along with anyone and has friends that are teenagers. In the House, she wants to meet warm, honest, wild people who will inspire her.

Big Brother 9[]

On Day 40, after receiving five nominations from her fellow housemates, Belinda was nominated for eviction. She was the fifth housemate to be evicted on Day 44 with 65% of the public vote, after just two weeks of being in the House.

Nominations History[]

Belinda's Nominations History
Week Belinda's
Nominations Against
1 Not in house
5 Exempt
6 Rex,
Dale, Maysoon, Michael,
Rex, Stuart
Evicted, Day 44

Starred in a sitcom[]

Alexandra De-Gale, Sylvia Barrie, Jennifer Clark, Dale Howard, Stuart Pilkington, Mario Marconi

Post-Big Brother[]

Belinda opted for the quiet life after Big Brother and is now living peacefully in Devon.



  • During Belinda's eviction, filming took place for the E4 horror series Dead Set.
    • However, this leads to a small continuity error, as the Big Brother 9 logo is visible instead of the fictional logo designed for Dead Set.
  • As she was exempt from the first round of nominations that she was in the House for, Belinda was evicted from the Big Brother 9 House at the first opportunity.
  • Belinda was the first "new" housemate to be evicted form Big Brother 9.
  • At the age of 44, Belinda was the oldest Big Brother 9 housemate.
  • Thus far, Belinda is the only ever housemate of Ugandan decent.