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Ultimate Big Brother

Day Began Day 4
Day Finished Day 6
Residents Michelle Bass
Victor Ebuwa

Big Brother 5

Day Began Day 15
Day Finished Day 20
Residents Emma Greenwood
Michelle Bass

The Big Brother Bedsit was a secret room in the Big Brother 5 House. This was the first series of Big Brother in which housemates were given a fake eviction and the first to use a secret room, excluding Big Brother 4 where the hidden room was revealed to all housemates early on. The Bedsit was also used six years later in Ultimate Big Brother.


Big Brother 5[]

The first housemates to become aware of its existence were Emma Greenwood and Michelle Bass. Following what the rest of the housemates believed to be their eviction, Emma and Michelle were guided silently to the Bedsit where Big Brother gave them further information. Big Brother told the pair that they had not been evicted and instead would live in the Bedsit for four days in secret. During their stay in the Bedsit, both had access to headsets and a television screen used in order to view and listen to the House and the housemates live. Emma and Michelle were able to listen to conversations about themselves.

The Diary Room was accessible from the Bedsit for Emma and Michelle to make visits to speak to Big Brother and to make their nominations. They would also visit the Diary Room to decide who should receive a prank from Big Brother. After their stay in the Bedsit, the "evictees" had to leave and re-enter the House via the Diary Room in a surprise return. Their return to the House sparked the infamous Fight Night.


Day Decision Choice
Day 16 They had to select one housemate that would be required to take cold showers while in the House. Victor Ebuwa
Day 17 They were asked to bake a cake for their fellow housemates; they could choose to either bake the cake with chilli-powder or without it. The cake was delivered to the House for the opening ceremony of the weekly task. Chilli powder
Day 18 They had to select one housemate that would have their bed vandalised by Big Brother. Jason Cowan
Day 19 They had to select one housemate that would have itching powder rubbed into their shirt. Vanessa Nimmo

Ultimate Big Brother[]

On Day 3 of Ultimate Big Brother the live feed briefly skipped to a secret room in the House, revealing what looks to be like a mock-up of the Big Brother 5 Bedsit. On Day 4, unknown to the other housemates, Big Brother 5 contestants Michelle Bass and Victor Ebuwa entered the new Bedsit.


Day Decision Choice
Day 4 They had to select one housemate that would be taunted in the House by Mr. Snuggles the clown. Nikki Grahame
Day 5 They had to select one housemate to have a slave for the day. Nadia Almada
They had to select two housemates to have a private party. Brian Dowling
Nick Bateman