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 Arthur Fulford
BB18 Arthur Fulford
Age: 24
Hometown: Exeter
Occupation: Life is Toff star
Big Brother 18
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 7
Status: Walked
Nomination(s) Received: N/A
Times Faced Eviction: 1

Arthur Fulford (born 2 August 1992) was a housemate in Big Brother 18. He entered the Big Brother House on Day 1. On Day 7, after having a confidential talk with Big Brother he walked from the House. It was later revealed he opted out, due to feeling bullied and isolated.


  • Arthur is air to his family's 3,000 acre Great Fulford Estate.
  • He and his family have featured in two reality shows the F**king Fulfords and Life is Toff.
  • Arthur believes that the only way that you can truly learn in life is by making mistakes.
  • Arthur is a "secret bookworm" and loves learning about classical civilizations.
  • Why Big Brother?
    • "An opportunity to have a really good time and an exciting experience."