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 Adele Roberts
[[File:Adele Roberts|250px|center]]
Born: 9 March, 1979
Hometown: Southport
Occupation: DJ
Big Brother 3
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 43
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 3

Adele Roberts is a housemate from Big Brother 3.


Adele was a bisexual DJ and personal assistant from Southport. She is an aspiring DJ and when she's not spinning tunes, she's listening to R&B music. Her dream job, she says, would be to work as the stylist to her idol Missy Elliott.

A fitness fanatic, the footie-loving, gym-obsessed 23-year-old also does a spot of body-building in her spare time. She admits she has a 'Walter Mitty Syndrome' and fantasises about being the greatest.

She likes bodybuilding, Chinese food and Vivienne Westwood clothes. She studied pharmacology at university, but her ideal job is ' to be Missy Elliot's stylist'. Michael Jackson is her favourite pop star.

Film: Boogie Nights
Book: Wuthering Heights
Food: Chinese
Pop star: Michael Jackson

Big Brother 3[]

On Day 39, it was revealed that Adele had been nominated for eviction, along with Jade, Jonny, and Kate. On Day 43, it was revealed that Adele had been evicted from the House, having received 62% of the public vote.

Nominations History[]

Adele's Nominations History
Week Adele's
Nominations Against
1 Lynne Not eligible
2 Alison,
3 Jonny,
4 PJ,
5 Jonny,
6 Jade,
Jonny, PJ
Evicted, Day 43

Post-Big Brother[]

Since leaving the House she has had steady work, hosting her own radio show, "The Smooth Grooves Chart" on Rock Fm. She signed with Galaxy Yorkshire, the largest commercial station outside of London, and presented two shows on Saturday and Sunday, 9am till 1pm.

After sometime on BBC 1XTRA she moved to BBC Radio 1.

She currently works on Radio 1 presenting the Early Breakfast Show • Mon-Fri: 4am-6.30am.



  • As Big Brother 3 was the first series to feature a Live launch and housemates entered the House alphabetically, Adele was the first ever housemate to enter the House during a live Launch show.
  • In Big Brother 3, Adele went longer than any other housemate having not received any nominations; she did not receive any nominations until Week 5.
  • It is likely that Adele received more public votes then any other housemate ever in one week, as she received 2,127,733 votes in Week 6.
  • In 2007, she made a brief return to the House, with Alex Sibley, during one of the tasks, in Big Brother 8.
  • Adele's name is alphabetically first out of all female Big Brother names.
    • Her name is third overall.
    • Her name is first out of all housemates who appeared on series that were aired on Channel 4.